Why is RM from BTS Called “God Of Destruction”

Kim Namjoon is a member of a popular South Korean Boyband BTS. He is the leader of the group and helps to write and produce songs for BTS. He was formerly known as Rap Monster but back in 2017 he changed his name to Real Me. Namjoon is a rapper, a dancer, and a songwriter. RM, on the other hand, has a habit of being clumsy.

Because he tends to smash things, ARMYs gave him the title “God of Destruction” throughout the years. (It’s all in good fun, though, with some followers claiming that RM is “failing to control his power.”)

“RM has accidentally destroyed so many items that the members enjoy to tease him, and he was given the name.” 

RM’s other nicknames are “Joon, Joonie, Namjoonie.” This superstar has also earned the title “Brain Monster” due to his outstanding IQ and test results. Of course, he doesn’t intentionally damage anything, but ARMYs are sure to notice RM’s sweet and goofy “God of Destruction” moments. 

During a RUN BTS episode in which the members collaborated to make something, Jimin instructed RM to use a little spoon. He reached inside the utensil basket, only to have it topple over.  When RM was talking to fans on Vlive, one of them mentioned that she had misplaced her AirPods, and RM clapped. He said that he had lost over 30 pairs of AirPods and was currently on his 34th pair. That was in 2019, and he hasn’t kept ARMYs informed on his AirPod count since. 

The BTS members had to try their hand at ASMR for one sleepover edition of RUN BTS. When it was finally RM’s turn to shine, he spilled some water. He crushed the foam sponge material in two as he took it up. While standing on the sides, the remaining members try not to laugh.


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