Jungkook Chuckles while struggling with his blazer’s button: ARMY’s heart can’t stop fluttering!

On the last day of the Permission To Dance on Stage performance in Seoul, BTS singers RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook reappeared to the podium. ARMYs were rewarded with We Are Bulletproof: the Eternal, BLUE & GREY, Fake Love, IDOL, Permission to Dance, as well as other songs on the final day during the home show. From members performing Spring Day to lecturing RM when he yawned on stage, the performance had several memorable moments. During all of this, ARMY’s attention was drawn to Jungkook and his difficulty with his blazer buttons.

The members wore their signature black outfits—blazers and pants—during the concert of BTS’ track Fake Love. Although some bandmates wore T-shirts underneath their jackets, Jimin, as well as Jungkook, simply wore blazers.

Jungkook’s blazer button burst open when he was performing. He could be seen laughing, even though the episode did not affect his performance. The youngest BTS member persevered in his attempts to fix the button, eventually succeeding after several attempts. The button, nevertheless, popped instantly, and he has been observed fixing it.

ARMY expressed their thoughts upon this incident on Twitter. As one fan put it, “The fact that Jungkook’s blazer opened twice and he tried to button it each time.” “Nothing funnier than seeing Jungkook trying to button his shirt back on stage like he’s just as panicked as we are LMFAOO,” tweeted an ARMY. One fan wrote, “Jungkook smiling because his blazer button kept taking off I’m screaming.”

Since then, Jungkook has been trending on Twitter. Fans can’t get enough of his hotness and this incident added oil to the fire. We feel it’s about time we start suing Jungkook as well.


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