Genshin Impact Patch 2.6 Leaks: Ayaka and Venti rerun!

Throughout the realm of Genshin Impact, hero re-runs have grown quite popular. At least a double banner re-run, as well as a new addition to the available lineup, were included in the last two releases.

The debut of Kamisato Ayato, a fresh Hydro sword-bearer, has been verified by Genshin Impact’s social media pages. As he’s the only character confirmed, the following banner loop will almost certainly provide further banner re-runs, with several theories currently speculating about who these characters could be.

The characters who will join Kamisato Ayato in the next 2.6 patch have been announced by a reliable Genshin Impact whistleblower called Genshinmrx.

Venti and Ayaka are indeed the two characters, and while the initial tweet indicated that Venti was on the same banner as Ayato, Gneshinmrx later claimed that this data was not verified.

Project Celestia, a well-known Genshin Impact whistleblower on Twitter

Venti will certainly be included on the same Genshin Impact dual banner as Ayaka. Kamisato Ayato’s appearance in the first banner has been verified via numerous leaks.

A source stated previously that the 2.6 Spiral Abyss Floor 11 will grant a 75 percent Anemo damage boost, implying that at minimum one of the banners would depict a five-star Anemo avatar.

Venti Rerun Banner

Source: Venti Trailer By Genshin Impact

Venti was among the first heroes to be introduced in 2020, and he is nonetheless regarded as among Genshin Impact’s strongest support characters.

Venti has become a must-have for most squad configurations for a long time because of his capacity to destroy elemental resistances, relocate lesser adversaries, and replenish his own elemental burst, making him the ideal choice for the Spiral Abyss, particularly with all those Anemo benefits.

Elemental Master, as well as Energy Recharge, are the two major attributes to concentrate on when building Venti.

Ayaka Rerun Banner

Source: Ayaka Trailer By Genshin Impact

Many gamers have speculated that Ayaka’s re-run will be paired with her brother Ayato. Because their elements, Hydro and Cryo, could induce one of the greatest elemental responses, Frozen, both are likely to have a lot of synergies. Nevertheless, they are both regarded as key DPS characters, and most players resist having two powerful damage providers in their team. This problem could be resolved by assigning one of them to a sub-DPS duty with somewhat more supporting equipment.

Genshin Impact is currently accessible on mobile devices, PC, PS4, and PS5, with a Switch edition in the works.


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