Overlord Season 4 To Release in June 2022!

We have some good news for all our Overlord fans: The Season 4 of Overlord that had been confirmed is set to release in June 2022!

Overlord completed 3 volumes of the book series in each season. Five volumes of the novel need to be included in the anime, given the current number of volumes inside the novel. Season 4 will therefore focus on volumes ten, eleven, and twelve. “The Ruler of Conspiracy” is the topic of issue 10. It chronicles the narrative of Ainz Ooal Gown with his choice to make his country into a utopia for any and all species. Ainz began this paradise by gradually pulling away from the Kingdom in order to boost the Adventurer’s Guild.

In addition, the tenth volume chronicles the narrative of other countries’ rulers. They’re always planning against Ainz Ooal Gown & his newly formed kingdom. The monarchs are displeased with the rapid rise of such a powerful state, so they develop tactics to demolish Ainz’s paradise.

“The Craftsman of Dwarf” would be the name of the 11th volume. In this chapter, Ainz travels to the Dwarf Kingdom with the express intention of recovering the misplaced rune magic. On his expedition, he is accompanied by Shalltear Bloodfallen as well as Aura Bella Fiora. When Ainz arrives in the Dwarf Kingdom, he discovers it is under siege by the Quagoa, a demi-human species.

“The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom” is the name of book 12. Jaldabaoth, the Demon King, launches an attack in this edition. The demi-humans eventually succeed in destroying the Holy Kingdom’s Great Wall. The Holy Kingdom’s defenses were proud of the Great Wall, which was also the cause for its lengthy stability.

We are very excited about what is in store for us! To have a clearer view on what this season will hold, check out its trailer below!


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