“I Will Sue You Min Yoongi” – Why are fans trending this hashtag

This Wednesday, the BTS fanbase, famous as ARMY, commemorated Min Yoongi‘s birthday, a rap artist in the highly successful South Korean boy group. Rather than sending him nice birthday greetings, followers began using the hashtag #WillSueMinYoongi throughout their birthday Twitter posts. Together with #WillSueMinYoongi, additional hashtags which were prominent were #ForeverADangerousMan and #WillFileAComplaintTodayToo. Several individuals outside of the fanbase were perplexed by the strange hashtag selection.

The “suing” or “reporting” of Yoongi, which goes by both the stage name Suga and Agust D, began in 2014 at a fan signing event in Daejeon, South Korea. “Min Yoongi, you dangerous man!” screamed a Suga admirer during the event. She went on to playfully blame him for causing her a “hard time” because she was smitten by his attractiveness. She immediately exclaimed, “I will sue you Min Yoongi,” well to the pleasure of BTS singers as well as other admirers, as Suga chuckled and struggled to hide his amusement.

Claims of “suing” as well as “reporting” Yoongi is now becoming a recurring thing inside the community, with the phrase “I will sue you, Min Yoongi” emerging associated with professing respect for the rapper/producer.

The official BTS Twitter handle—which is distinct from the member-run BTS handle—tweeted the tags in Korean and also photographs of Yoongi to commemorate Yoongi’s birthday. The followers quickly transcribed the hashtags into English, and the tale of Min Yoongi being sued started again!

Additionally to this, the recent photos of Min Yoongi from their Seoul Tour are increasing the heartbeats of all the ARMYs. Min Yoongi, you rude man, we will sue you!


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