A Business Proposal Episode 3 Recap

  • AIR DAY: Monday & Tuesday
  • AIR TIME: 22:00 KST / 13:00 GMT


“A Business Proposal” is a romantic office-business Kdrama adapted from the web novel of the same name by Hae Hwa. 

The story revolves around a woman named Shin Ha Ri who works for a food company who goes on a blind date instead of her friend Chaebol friend Jin Young Seo. Her blind date turns out to be Kang Tae Mu, the CEO of the company she works for. She gave off a weird and dissing attitude to Tae Mu at the blind date hoping for the blind date to fail. But she is shocked after receiving a call from him asking her to marry him. 

RECAP Ep 2: In the previous episode, we see that Ha Ri was convinced by Tae Mu to act as his girlfriend as a compromise for spoiling his blind date. The previous episode ended with the main lead’s kiss as Tae Mu falls down pulling Ha Ri onto him. 


Recap Of Episode 3

The episode starts with the continuation of the kiss scene where she apologizes to Tae Mu for the kiss and for falling on him but stays on him for a little longer as her dad and brother came there and she didn’t want them to see him. While she jumps back on him she bumped her head onto Tae Mu resulting in a concussion and Tae Mu falling unconscious. Due to this, Tae Mu made an agreement and set terms about their relationship, and as for the penalty of breaching the agreement, he wrote the charges as 100 times the contract amount. 

The next day, Young Seo and Ha Ri met at their usual meetup restaurant and had a conversation about how weird Tae Mu’s contract was. Young Seo also told her about the rumors that someone in the family had killed Tae Mu’s parents when he was young.

Young Seo’s dad asked her to go for blind dates and she argues back that she wouldn’t go. In rebellion, she leaves her father’s house and goes to live independently without her father’s credit card.

Ha Ri’s team was supposed to come up with a famous chef for their new food launch but they couldn’t get hold of their in-mind chef. Ha Ri and her team leader recommended her best friend and crush Lee Min Woo. As they wanted to give the recommendation of Min Woo as the chef, she along with Young Seo went to shoot the pictures of his dishes at his restaurant. In her office, Ha Ri was asked to give the presentation to the President but she was totally against it because that would blow her cover as Shin Guem Hi in front of President Kang Tae Mu. She then wore her glasses and mask to cover her face so that he couldn’t recognize her.

Ha Ri went to Min Woo’s restaurant to tell him that he was selected as the chef but was shocked and heartbroken to see him kissing his ex-girlfriend. She ran off from there and as she was waiting for the bus, someone ran off pushing her mistakenly which resulted in her papers that she held, falling down on the road. Tae Mu at that time called her but as she was about to pick up the phone, the phone fell into the drainage path through the drain cover answering his call. She then breaks down and starts crying about how hurt she is. Tae Mu hears her crying and worries.

The next day, Ha Ri and Tae Mu both go to meet their Grandfather as he wanted to meet Shin Geum Hi. They then meet and talk with his grandfather and had lunch. The scene shifts to Young Seo moving into her new apartment which is right next door to Tae Mu’s secretary Cha Sung Hoon. After lunch, Tae Mu was disappointed in Ha Ri as she brought up a made-up story about rain saying that he came to meet her in the rain even though he hates it. Tae Mu has some trauma related to rain (yet to be confirmed). Ha Ri, unknowingly, brought up the story and made him upset. She then apologized to him saying that she won’t repeat it. Grandfather then took both of them to a far place to eat steamed buns where he then thanked Ha Ri for everything. While drinking a drink, Ha Ri suddenly choked on it and dropped her bag.

As grandfather helped her to pick things up, he found the concert tickets that were given to Ha Ri by Min-Woo for her birthday. Grandfather then insisted on Tae Mu and Ha Ri to go together to the concert. Young Seo after placing her furniture, sat down to eat when she saw a cockroach at her place running around. She ran out seeing it, jumping into Sung Hoon’s arms. She asks him to get rid of the cockroach. He used the anti-bug spray till he finished the bottle to kill it because even he was scared of bugs just like her. After getting rid of it, Young Seo asked Sung Hoon to be friends but he said he doesn’t want to get involved with her personally.

Grandfather then dropped Tae Mu and Ha Ri at the concert and told them to enjoy themselves. At the concert, there was an event where the people can request songs for the people with the tickets and Min Woo had given a request for a song thanking her for their friendship. This made her fall into tears and she got more heartbroken thinking about what she saw at the restaurant. Tae Mu then comforted her after the concert with his words and they had a deep conversation. Suddenly, a ball came and hit her eye resulting in a bruise. He bought some ice for her eyes and she then gave him the gift she received at the concert to him as a thanking gift to keep with him. It was 2 stuffed dolls and he found himself talking with them, amusing himself.

The next morning with the bruise making a mark on her eye, Ha Ri leaves for work. As Ha Ri was going up the elevator Tae Mu was standing right in front of her to take the lift. She was really tensed and shocked about whether Tae Mu would recognize her by the bruise. As they stood looking at each other’s faces, the episode ended. 

What do you guys think about this episode? Will Tae Mu realize who Ha Ri is? Comment down below!


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