A Business Proposal Ep 4 Recap

  • AIR DAY: Monday & Tuesday
  • AIR TIME: 22:00 KST / 13:00 GMT


“A Business Proposal” is a romantic office-business Kdrama adapted from the web novel of the same name by Hae Hwa. 

The story revolves around a woman named Shin Ha Ri who works for a food company who goes on a blind date instead of her friend Chaebol friend Jin Young Seo. Her blind date turns out to be Kang Tae Mu, the CEO of the company she works for. She gave off a weird and dissing attitude to Tae Mu at the blind date hoping for the blind date to fail. But she is shocked after receiving a call from him asking her to marry him. 

Recap Of Episode 4

The episode started with the elevator scene where Ha Ri covered her face suddenly as she saw Tae Mu when the doors opened. Tae Mu then went for the tasting of the dish that Ha Ri’s team was launching and gave good reviews. To congratulate Min Woo, Ha Ri went to his restaurant and while eating, he asked the reviews about the show and thought she went with Young Seo. But as he heard she went with a guy he said that she is too naive to get a good read on guys and told her to bring him sometimes so that he can look at him for her. But to his surprise, she replied


Shin Ha Ri, A Business Proposal

This made his expression change and he became sad for some reason. As Ha Ri finished and came back after washing her hands, she saw Tae Mu coming to the restaurant to meet Min Woo. Min Woo then welcomed him and Sung Hoon to taste his dish and told that Ha Ri was here too but when she saw the table, she was missing. She slowly, in hiding, took her stuff and ran off from the restaurant saying she had an emergency at home.

The scene then shifts to Young Seo leaving for the office where Sung Hoon also leaves for his office but avoids her and takes the stairs. This made Young Seo angry and she ran behind him and yelled at him for not even saying hi and asking him whether he doesn’t have any manners. But he said he didn’t avoid her as he had garbage in his hand to throw. She then apologized for her misunderstanding and he leaves saying he doesn’t wanna get involved with her.

At Tae Mu’s grandfather’s house, Sung Hoon was looking back at his old room as he used to stay with them before he was adopted by their grandfather. During lunch, grandfather asked Tae Mu to either get married by the end of the year or to have food with grandfather twice a week. As they were scheduling for the next lunch, grandfather saw that it was Tae Mu’s and Guem Hi’s first anniversary was coming and that he had forgotten about it. Grandfather then arranged their whole day’s plan and told him to cancel all his meetings and work for that day.

Ha Ri’s team went for a business trip for some shooting of their commercial and Tae Mu’s grandfather also came there after some time which made her go around covering her face. Ha Ri went to sit and hide in the washroom at the location. Grandfather wanted to use the washroom and he waited for her to come out. As she came out, she pushed him back so that he doesn’t see her face and he fell into water that was kept there down in a tub. The team then apologized together for the inconvenience caused and he left getting a bad impression about Ha Ri. 

As Young Seo returned to her complex she meets a neighbor who mistakenly takes her mail and while returning it, she misunderstands that he was stealing her mail. At the same time, Sung Hoon sees this and walks away noticing that they are getting friendly. Tae Mu then went to Ha Ri’s place to give her the tonics that her grandfather ordered for her. He also gave her medicine for her bruise which made his character in her heart a little good. 

On the day of their first anniversary, Ha Ri and Tae Mu go shopping arranged by his grandfather. As she tries new dresses one by one, Tae Mu suggests a beautiful white dress to be worn by her. As she wore that and stood before him, he was mesmerized by how beautiful she looked, and that made his heart flutter. As he bought and left the shop, Ms. Jo enters the shop searching for the latest one and only dress that had been imported to South Korea. But as the same dress was sold to Tae Mu, she runs to see who brought the dress and sees that he is with a girl. Turns out that Ms. Jo is Young Seo’s cousin’s sister also her boss at the company. She then taunts Young Seo at the company about how Tae Mu rejected her and now has a girlfriend. And she gives back a straight reply about how she was going shopping when the work was to be done in the office.

Young Seo then went to the gym in their complex and she meets Sung Hoon and sees that he approached to use the same equipment she was planning to use. He leaves first letting her use it which makes her more annoyed. Her neighbor, who had been mistaken before with the mailbox case, helped her to do the exercise and gave instructions which made Sung Hoon look at her again and again and made him jealous. At the mens’ washroom, some men at the gym asked for the time and this new neighbor pointed at the clock and told the time without his glasses. This made doubts rise in Sung Hoon’s mind about why he wears spectacles when he has clear eyesight.

The scene shifts back to Ha Ri and Tae Mu. At the restaurant, as she came back after washing her hands, she dropped her bag down on the floor. As she bent down to pick it up, the dress ripped apart from behind as the dress was too fit and tight from the start. As she was about to get up, the staff of the restaurant came and Tae Mu suddenly stood behind her and covered her back. They then blew the candles on the cake together and had a picture taken. As they came out laughing about it, she suddenly tripped and one of her heels came off. Tae Mu picked it up and gently put it back on their feet. Ha Ri and Tae Mu looked at each other’s eyes and stood there. This scene made the viewers speechless as this romantic scene was so beautifully shot. As they looked at each other, fireworks began and Ha Ri was impressed and so into the fireworks as she had never seen fireworks at Han river before. As she asked whether he agrees if the fireworks are pretty, he looked at her and said, “YES. VERY PRETTY” as if he was implying about her.

Tae Mu dropped her home and gave the dress as a gift to her. On his way back, he saw that Geum Hi ie. Ha Ri had left her wallet in the car. As he returned back to her house, he saw that Min Woo came to meet her at her house and he saw her calling Ha Ri. Tae Mu was confused and he opened her wallet. To his surprise, he saw her Identity card and saw her name and photo as Shin Ha Ri and not Shin Guem Hi. He then called her to confirm that and saw that she picked up her phone and said Hello. The episode ended with this great scene where he finally found out about her real identity. 

The excitement for the 5th episode is at its peak now as this has built up the eagerness of the viewers to see what Tae Mu does after knowing her identity. 

Preview of ep 5: In the preview, we see that Tae Mu is confused and frustrated about her identity and he torments her at the office. Tae Mu asks her to come to the Founding anniversary ceremony as his Girlfriend which makes her situation really difficult and struggling. 


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