One Piece’s TOEI Animation Hacked! New Episode To Be Delayed

The last episode of One Piece was A Turnaround Move! The Flames of Marco the Phoenix! It was the 123rd episode of the 20th season of the anime. It aired on 27th February 2022. 

In the 123rd episode, Kaido begins the New Onigashima Project; Marco decides to join those in their battle against the Ice Oni, and Tobi Roppo members fight tooth and nail against the Straw Hats. Fans were very excited to see what will happen next. However, water is spilt over the fan’s enthusiasm. 

Recent reports emphasize the delay of the 124th episode. it has been confirmed that TOEI Animation was hacked, delaying the next episodes of:

  • Digimon Ghost Game
  • Dragon Quest- The Adventure of Dai
  • Delicious Party Pretty Cure 

TOEI Animation has given out an official statement:

About the future broadcast of the TV anime “ONE PIECE”

Thank you very much for watching the TV anime “ONE PIECE”.

As announced by Toei Animation Co., Ltd. at 11:00 on Friday, March 11, Toei Animation Co., Ltd.’s internal network was unauthorized by a third party on Sunday, March 6 and part of the internal system was suspended. I am doing it. We would like to inform you that the impact has hindered the progress of program production and has affected the future broadcast schedule.

Regarding the broadcast schedule after Sunday, March 20, we will inform you again on the ONE PIECE official portal site “ONE” and various ONE PIECE official SNS.

We deeply apologize to the viewers who are looking forward to the broadcast every week.

We will do our best to restore the adventures of Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

We are all disheartened to hear the news. Hope everything solves out quickly and we get our dose of Luffy and his Pirate friends!


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