Mingyu From Seventeen Called Out To Be A Sexist?

Seventeen fans, Carats, are having a difficult time since it appears like antis have opted to target Mingyu for the previous several days. Previously, a stalker hid in a closet and recorded him being friendly with a female staff member in the hopes of eliciting criticism. K-pop Twitter, on the other hand, found nothing wrong with the video and instead chastised the stalker for invading Mingyu’s privacy. However, the Seventeen member is once again being chastised for wearing the colour red.

On March 8, Mingyu tweeted a selfie of himself wearing a red hoodie and captioned it with a red emoji to match his attire. However, with South Korea’s presidential election on March 9 and red being the colour of the Conservative party, netizens assume that the K-pop singer was demonstrating his support for the party by voting for it. It should be mentioned that, with the majority of South Koreans publicly linking feminism to misandry, both parties take a sexist posture, with the Conservative party being more dogmatic and spreading anti-feminist ideals.

As a result, foreign K-pop fans have labelled Seventeen’s Mingyu a sexist for supposedly supporting the Conservative party, whose candidate ultimately won the presidential election on March 10. Even if he did not support the party, netizens agreed that Mingyu should have been more careful and not released the images during election season. However, Carats are advising viewers to use common sense because K-pop celebrities are not permitted to express their views on political topics, and they are hopeful that Mingyu would clear up the misconception.

Fans are also pointing out that Mingyu’s photo was shared several days ago, and haters were using it on March 10 to cancel the Seventeen members. Some people tweeted:

“This is on Mingyu, why would he do that dude, it doesn’t even matter if he meant it or not, why publish something at times like this scaring people.” “My heart goes out to all the ladies in South Korea who may be affected by the results of the presidential election,” said another. I won’t make assumptions about Mingyu, but I also won’t defend him. He has responsibility for his acts and how they are regarded.”

One user commented:

“It’s election week in South Korea, idols are supposed to refrain from doing peace signs, wear blue or red cause it could show their political spectrum.” However, Carats think that people are jumping to conclusions, “Mingyu likes to match the hearts to whatever shirt/jacket or whatever he is wearing. He did that before. What was he trying to imply here? it is known that most idols are not allowed to speak about politics in ANY way or form. Bm from Kard already said this.”


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