Grid Episode 4 Recap

  • AIR TIME: 12.00 am (KST), 3.00 pm (GMT)
  • AIR DAY: Wednesday


The Drama grid revolves around the story of 3 people who go after a ghost for different reasons. The mysterious ghost had actually saved the world and then disappeared and after 24 years appears again and helps a serial killer to escape. This sci-fi – thriller drama has kept everyone excited as the whole concept of the storyline is fascinating and brand new.

What exactly is the meaning of grid in this drama? It is said that it is a shield created with artificially expanded magnetic fields to protect mankind from the solar wind.

Recap EP 3: In the previous episode, we see Sae Ha and Sae Byeok obtained the files about this mysterious woman and video clips where she murdered a man i.e Sae Ha’s father. They both then investigate personally about the mysterious woman. As one of the police team catches the serial killer, the mysterious woman creates a glitch and we see that she appears in front of the killer and helps him escape from the hands of the police but instead she locks him up in one of the subway columns.


Recap Of Episode 4

The episode starts with Sae Byeok going to the restaurant whose owner had called her saying that the killer might have come back to his room as she heard some noises. As Sae Byeok reached, she found that the owner was hurt and was taken to the hospital. Sae Byeok was taken into custody by the GRID’s investigation team and was questioned by them about how and why the owner called her there. As soon as she left, the team was given orders to search for the killer by going through each and every CCTV clip from each subway station.

The killer then used a knife and cut off the railings which locked him up and then escaped. The mysterious woman came back and saw that he had escaped. She again created a glitch in time and went to the past and distracted him as he was about to find the knife. Next, we see that Kang Sae Byeok was transferred as told by the GRID’s Investigation team. She then applied for a vacation and took a leave off from the station. Sae Byeok then goes back to the scene where the owner was hurt and finds out that there was someone else other than the owner who was hurt and taken to hospital.

She went in search of the person and the hospital he was admitted to. At that time, Sae Ha took her away from asking more questions to the doctor and made her wait out as the doctor was given orders from the GRID’s investigation team in which Sae Ha was a part of, to not to give out any information regarding it to anyone. As Sae Byeok waited to hide in the hospital, Sae Ha asked and took information from the doctor about the wound the agent got and found out it was similar to what Sae Byeok got on her hand when she was fighting against the mysterious woman.

The GRID’s investigation team’s head Choi Sun Wool goes to find the son of the janitor who was killed by the mysterious woman years ago. She then finds out that the son was the janitor’s adopted son and was reported dead by the authorities as he wasn’t found by them at the age of his military enlistment. She then tries to find his stepmother.  We then see that Sae Ha’s fellow team member Song Eo Jin, Sae Byeok’s ex-husband, comes to see her and asks about her transfer but they end up talking and arguing about their past.

Aa Sae Ha returns home, he sees that a new caretaker comes home to look after the woman who is bedridden at his home. He doesn’t recognize the woman but turns out it is The mysterious woman who came in disguise. What did she do to the woman? Why did she now come back? What is she trying to do? A Lot of questions are coming up in everyone’s mind. What will happen in the next episode of this drama? 


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