Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 7 And 8 Recap

  • AIR TIME : 21:10 (KST), 12:10 (GMT)


Twenty-five Twenty-One, an ongoing romance Kdrama, is a story of 2 youth who meet at the age of 22 and 18 while they work hard towards their goal after having their dreams torn apart who then meet and fall in love at the age of 25 and 21. This drama begins with the story about a girl named Kim Min Chae reading her mother’s diary.

Ep 6 Recap: The episode ended with the start of Na Hee Do and Ko Yu Rim’s competition and we see everyone eagerly waiting for it. 


Recap Of Episode 7

The episode started with the present time Na Hee Do and her Daughter Min Chae conversing about her dad and we see flashbacks of Na Hee Do with her father when she was first introduced into the sport of fencing. As the flashback goes by, we see that the 19-year-old Hee Do won the fencing match against Ko Yu Rim and won the gold medal. But Ko Yu Rim makes an appeal to reconsider the point as she thinks that she was faster and the referee had made a bad call. During the press conference, the reporters pick on Hee Do and she removes her gold medal and leaves the press room, followed by Ko Yu Rim. They both then have a heated argument saying that they are the victim. The coach then scolds both of them for their behavior and they both face disciplinary action.

Back Yi Jin then finds Hee Do in an unfamiliar town where she kept on wandering around as she kept on thinking about what people said. Yi Jin then goes to meet the referee to get his interview and waits till the next morning for the interview. He convinces the referee with everything he has got and manages to clear the controversy whether he made a bad call or not thus clearing Hee Do’s name. 

Hee Do then goes to a restaurant to eat where she finds the people in the restaurant comforting her with their words and as she gets hope from them, she sees the interview and news on tv. As she didn’t wanna go home and face her mother because she thinks that her mother also thinks it was a bad call, she goes to Ji Woong and Seung Wan’s hideout place and the security locks the door from outside making her stuck in there. 

While being there, she notices that Yi Jin’s recordings were at that place and she starts to listen to them. As she realized that she was locked in, Hee Do calls Yi Jin to help her out with Ji woong and Seung Wan because she doesn’t remember the combination to the lock to tell him. Hee Do then notices that the words “YI JIN LOVES DA EUN” were carved on one of the benches. The three of them, Yi Jin, Seung Wan, and Ji Woong, then go and open the door when she was listening to the recordings in which a conversation of Yi Jin and Da Eun were telling each other ‘I love you”. 

Recap Of Episode 8

The episode starts with the same scene where Hee Do listens to the recording as the other 3 open the door and Yi Jin rushes and pauses the player. After that, we see a small conversation between Min Chae and her grandmother i.e. Hee Do’s mom, in the present time about how Granny must have felt while reading the news about her mom. The scene then comes back to the storyline where Yi Jin and Hee Do have a conversation. Yi Jin tells her to go home and while conversing, she says thanks to Yi Jin for what he did. Hee Do is frustrated after hearing that Yi Jin had a girlfriend and now she searches for her picture in the alumni book but fails. At the same time, Yi Jin is giving his savings to one of the debtors but he gives the money back and wishes Yi Jin good luck. He then buys expensive beef for Yu Rim’s mom where he meets Yu Rim and has a conversation with her. 

Next, we see that the three of them, Hee Do, Ji Woong, and Seung Wan, plan to help Yi Jin to move back. At Hee Do’s mom’s office, Hee Do’s coach came and gave her mom her gold medal back as her name was cleared. 

Yu Rim tags along with Yi Jin as he had asked her to come and help. While placing the things, Hee Do finds another ex-girlfriend’s picture and is more annoyed by it. While moving things Ji Woong finds an arm exerciser. Hee Do tries using that and when Yi Jin enters the room suddenly her head goes blank and she lets loose the arm exerciser. It bounced back and broke his window. The glass shattered all around her and Yi Jin told her not to move from there as she might hurt herself in a very angry tone. He picks Hee Do up and keeps her aside. WOAHHHHHH! That scene definitely gave butterflies to us just as it did for Hee Do. 

Back at home, Hee Do again fights with her mom as she was still angry and sad about how her mother sided with the people on the news saying it might be a bad call. 

Yi Jin then goes to cover an arson case and while reporting it, the laptop had a blue screen error on which he had typed the news. This caused an issue while reporting but he covered it up as a network issue. After the news time, Hee Do’s mom, Yi Jin’s boss scolded him about it and gave him a warning not to repeat it even though she thinks he made a good call of cutting off the line. Yu Rim’s mom then faces a financial issue as she was slammed by one of her neighbors. 

The scene shifts to the disciplinary committee where Hee Do and Yu Rim were suspended for three months. The same night, both of them chat on their computer with each other without knowing their identity. At the end of the conversation, Yu Rim asks Hee Do if they can meet. 

While returning from training, Hee Do meets Yi Jin on the bus and they walk home together. Hee Do acts distant and Yi Jin notices her different behavior and he asks her about it. She says it’s nothing and tries to rush off where she almost got hit by a bike but Yi Jin pulled her back by which she got ice cream on her whole face. Yi Jin carefully wipes off the ice cream but keeps a small part of her face unclean by making it look like she has a mole. She doesn’t notice it but as she went home she saw the prank he pulled for fun and she rushed back to him. She ranted out her frustration and yelled at him which made him feel bad. The next day, Yu Rim meets Ji Woong and they have a cute conversation. She then goes to Yi Jin to borrow his camera as she wants to click pictures with her online friend. When Yi Jin heard about it, he accompanied her. While waiting at the park where they had decided to meet with a yellow rose, Yu Rim recognizes Hee Do from a distance with a yellow flower coming towards her. She didn’t expect her to be her online friend. Because she was so shocked she gave her flower to Yi Jin and ran off before Hee Do saw her. As Hee Do kept looking for the person with the yellow flower, she saw Yi Jin standing in front of her with a yellow flower, misunderstanding that he is her online friend. She then tells him that ‘INJEOLMI. NO. BACK YI JIN. I HAVE TO HAVE YOU’. Without understanding anything, Yi Jin stands there silently and the episode ends. 

This scene might give rise to a lot of romance in the upcoming episodes or maybe a lot of heartbreaks when the truth is known. Everyone is eager and looking forward to the upcoming episodes. 

Ep 9 preview: In the preview, we see Hee Do asking that ‘Are you injeolmi?’ We are not sure to whom she is asking this. Back Yi Jin also asks if she doesn’t have any faith in him and what he is to her. At the training center, Yi Jin tells Hee Do to take responsibility as she helped him. 


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