BTS Min Yoongi Celebrates His 29th Birthday With Fans!

Happy Birthday to our Little Meow Meow Min Yoongi!!!

Min Yoongi A.k.a AgustD turned 29 today. Min Yoongi is a member of the popular Korean Boyband BTS. He has written and produced many beautiful and meaningful songs for BTS.

Yoongi came live in Vlive around 10:30p.m kst to celebrate his birthday with Armys all around the globe. “Yoongi Will You Marry” is trending on Twitter as the comment section in Vlive was filled with the same.

Even though BTS is preparing for their next show BTS- PTD ON THE STAGE SEOUL, he was able to come live and celebrate his birthday with ARMYs.

Events and birthday initiatives for SUGA have been organized by ARMYs from all over the world. Let’s take a look at what the ARMYs have done for our little meow meowThroughout the last week, fans have organized many online projects that unite ARMY from all over the world.

Fans are coming together to show their support for SUGA, whether it’s through handwritten letters or rap covers. 

ARMY is putting up an internet project where fans take a photo of the night sky and describe how their life has evolved over the years, taking inspiration from Agust D’s song Moonlight, which talks about contemplating life while looking at the moon.

Even handwritten and digital letters have been prepared for Yoongi by ARMYs.

What is a birthday without a banner, or in this instance, a massive billboard?

ARMY has gone to great lengths to wish SUGA a happy birthday, from billboards in Uruguay to bus stations around Seoul.

ARMYs, like SUGA and other BTS members, participated in charitable projects.

Fans have organized a variety of fundraisers and initiatives in honor of SUGA, ranging from five-day fundraising for individuals affected by wars in North Africa and the Middle East to rehabilitation efforts for Filipino communities ravaged by Typhoon Odette to mental health programs.


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