Yasuhisa Hara’s Manga Kingdom Will Get Its 1st Stage Play Next February

The manga already has its fourth anime season and a second live-action picture on the way.

On Monday, TOHO revealed that it will present the very first stage translation of Yasuhisa Hara’s Kingdom manga. In February 2023, the performance will be staged in Tokyo’s Imperial Theatre.


Hara’s period manga started with Xin, a slave child who aspired to be a military genius for the Qin kingdom. Xin aids the ascent to the authority of Ying Zheng, a youthful Qin monarch who supports his aim to unite China. Xin strives to be the best general of a force capable of destroying the Seven Warring States.

In 2006, Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump magazine released the record-breaking manga. On February 18, Shueisha released the 64th compilation paperback edition.

In April 2020, NHK General broadcasted the third anime show based on Yasuhisa Hara’s Kingdom manga. Owing to the Japanese administration’s initial national emergency against the novel coronavirus epidemic, the anime’s creative committee declared the following month that now the anime’ episode 5 and subsequent episodes would be delayed (COVID-19). In April 2021, NHK General commenced broadcasting the third series. The anime began airing again with the very first episode.

On April 9 at 24:00, the anime’s season 4 will begin on NHK General (effectively April 10 at midnight)

In April 2019, the very first live-action movie adaptation of the manga was released in Japan. In July 2019, Funimation debuted the movie at Anime Expo, and also in August 2019, the movie was released in theatres across the United States and Canada. Kingdom II: Harukanaru Daichi e (To Distant Lands), the follow-up, will be released in Japan this summer.

Are you excited about this? Stay tuned for more!


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