The Savior’s Book Café Story in Another World Manga Will End With its 5th Volume!

The Savior’s Book Café Story in Another World is a romance isekai manga that has managed to grasp the hearts of all isekai fans with its charming female lead and a perfect male lead. It has the correct amount of fluff, comedy, and seriousness. However, we have a news that will hishearten yet bring happiness to all the fans!

As per the Shogakukan description of Kyoka Izumi, Omiya, and Reiko Sakurada‘s manga The Savior’s Book Cafe Story in Another World (Isekai ni Kyseishu to Shite Yobaremashita ga, Arasa ni wa Muri Nanode, Hissori Book Cafe Hajimemashita.), the fifth volume will now be the concluding volume. The edition will be delivered on May 18th.

In October, the manga series’ last arc began with the 21st chapter.

The manga is being released in English by Seven Seas Entertainment, and the following is a synopsis of the plot:


“When a “GOD” tells Tsukina that she is to be transported to another world to become her savior, Tsukina isn’t interested. As a bookish thirty-something year old, she has zero desire to go on some big adventure, so when she arrives in the strange new land, she decides to use her magical powers to create a cozy little book café instead. But when a fellow “savior” starts causing trouble, Tsukina might just have to play the hero, after all!”

In July 2019, Izumi, Omiya, and Sakurada released the manga via Shogakukan’s Ura Sunday webpage and Manga ONE app. Sakurada designs the graphics, whereas Izumi pens the scenario. Omiya is attributed to coordinating the effort. Using Kadokawa’s Beans Bunko imprint, Izumi and Sakurada began a distinct light novel book for the plot, with the third volume released on December 24.

Are you excited about it? Stay tuned for more!

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