Forecasting Love And Weather Episode 7 And 8 Recap

  • AIR TIME : 22:30 (KST), 13:30 (GMT)


Forecasting Love and Weather is the story about love and work of the people who work at KOREA METEOROLOGICAL ADMINISTRATION, Korea’s national weather forecast service. This is a Romance Drama starring Song Kang and Park Min Young as the main leads. 

Previous ep recap: In the previous episode, we were shown that Lee Si Woo and Jin Ha Kyung have started dating and kept it a secret from the world. Also Han Ki Joon ( Ha Kyung’s ex fiance) and Chae Yu Jin (Lee Si Woo’s Ex girlfriend) who are married, are now facing issues about each other’s past relationship and facing each other’s exes at their work as they all work at the same place.


Preview: In the previous episode, we saw that the episode ended with Ha Kyung asking Si Woo to live with her. Also, Yu Jin wants to postpone registering her marriage with Ki Joon, as she is now having second thoughts about her marriage. 

Recap Of Episode 7

The episode starts with the continuation of the same scene where Ha Kyung asks Si Woo to live with him so that she gets to know him more and wants to see if they are right for each other but Si Woo says he is happy for her offer but doesn’t want to live together and try learning more about each other but achieve and learn each other without it, as he had lived with his ex Yu Jin but things didn’t work out well. This thought still haunts him and he declines the offer.

At the same time, Yu Jin wants to postpone registering their marriage and has second thoughts about her marriage as she doesn’t find him as mature, smart, kind and doesn’t have the sense of responsibility as he was before their marriage. 

The scene shifts to Si Woo where he searches for a room to rent as he doesn’t have a place to live. As walking down the road at night, he sees a motel and thinks about his past where he had to accompany his dad and wait for him in the rain and also when he found his dad was gambling. Si Woo spends his night in his car and then gets fresh in the office shower room where he meets Asst director Um. He then finds out that Senior forecaster Um is staying at the night duty office and he gets the idea of staying there with him. The scene shifts to Senior forecaster Um’s house where his daughter while conversing with her mom says that she is okay with them divorcing as she does not want to see her mom unhappy. 

Ki Joon runs into Ha Kyung’s team member Oh Myung Joo and talks about her husband’s reason for leaving on a break and how she manages to earn for their kids alone. He asked her for marriage advice and had a little enlightenment about what he should do. 

The next scene is shown in the office where Ha Kyung and her team work well as usual and Yu Jin’s boss is asking her to make Ki Joon write a feature article as they were impressed by his columns that were written with the help of Ha Kyung. At the office, Ha Kyung’s team member, Kim Su Jin attends the call of complaints and queries due to the ozone warning issued. One of the people who called, kept on yelling and insulted her and her fellow team member Oh Myung Joo replies back in a straightforward manner and hangs up the call. This caused an issue and Ki Joon came to her office and scolded her Su Jin and she yelled back at him for she was sad about how she was insulted. Ha Kyung then makes her understand her job and gives her advice about how she should handle the calls. 

At a bookstore, we see Shin Seok Ho, Ha Kyung’s team member and her older sister, Jin Tae Kyung’s encounter. 

Si Woo and Ha Kyung have dinner together after work and talk about their conversation in the morning. Ki Joon prepares dinner for Yu Jin to make her happy and also finds a loan affordable for them and she finds the old Ki Joon’s character in him again. 

Si Woo and Senior Forecaster Um talk about their relationships and sleep in the night duty room. This gives rise to complaints about how they occupied the only 2 beds resulting in Ha Kyung bringing both of them to her house to stay. At night, Ki Joon comes to Ha Kyung’s apartment drunk and causes a scene at the door. At the same time, her teammate Seok Ho who lives upstairs, comes to give her the side dishes that had been left there by her sister days ago. Ha Kyung then drags Ki Joon out of the complex and the 7th episode ends. 

Recap Of Episode 8

The episode starts with Ha Kyung dragging Ki Joon out of her complex and makes him sit at a seat in the courtyard and Ki Joon starts to beg for forgiveness. He drank because he got to know that Si Woo and Yu Jin lived together and couldn’t handle it. Si Woo then drops Ki Joon to his house where Yu Jin was preparing dinner for him but was heartbroken to hear him mumbling unconsciously that he was sorry to Ha Kyung. 

After that, back at Ha Kyung’s complex, Si Woo and Ha Kyung end up arguing about whether she was sad to hear about him living with her too. The next morning, Ki Joon asks Yu Jin for some time to think about everything and leaves for work. Whereas, Ha Kyung advices Um Dong Han to clean up right after he eats and leaves for work as Si Woo gets up and wishes them good morning. 

At the office, the AC broke down and all of them faced issues due to the heat and everyone’s mood was heated up as the climate. Ha Kyung gets into an accident and calls Ki Joon as he had changed the car’s insurance company without letting her know. As Ha Kyung didn’t reply to his messages, Si Woo kept on thinking and sparing out during meetings and didn’t pay attention. Si Woo then rants out his frustration about how worried he was to Ha Kyung and as she apologizes, he walks off letting her know about the briefing to be done. Si Woo meets Yu Jin and they argue about how she should make him understand about her past and make him accept it. At the press meeting, as the heat kept rising up, Ki Joon lost control over his frustration as he saw Yu Jin and Si Woo walking in together and picked a fight with Si Woo in front of the reporters which resulted into a shameful act for KMA. Ha Kyung taked Si Woo into a restaurant and treats his wounds he got during the fight. As they conversed sweetly, Si Woo kissed Ha Kyung in the restaurant and were very playful and romantically involved with each other. Ki Joon who followed them saw this and was shocked. Yu Jin then at home, admitted that they, Si Woo and herself, lived together and tried to tell Ki Joon to let go of the past. He then tells Yu Jin that Ha Kyung and Si Woo are dating and they both are disappointed and in pain knowing about it and how it’s going to affect them.

Preview ep 9 : In the preview, it is shown that Ki Joon confronts Ha Kyung about her relationship with Si Woo and Yu Jin asks Ki Joon if he is jealous of Si Woo dating her. 

It seems that the team members have already caught on them and are playing an innocent role throughout. We also see Ha Kyung and Si Woo going on a picnic together. At the office, the director general asks Si Woo and Ki Joon to debate on something but at the same time it is shown that Ki Joon asks Si Woo to stop seeing her as she only dates men sincerely only if they are on a marriage goal.


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