Jin ‘Your’ OST And ‘Super Tune’ Is Going Viral

Jin’s ‘Yours‘ has become a tremendously popular Korean solo single in Japan, and the records attest to its enormous success! Jin’s ‘Yours’ is not only the first Korean song to debut at number one on Spotify Viral 50 Japan, but it also holds the record for dominating the chart for six days in a row!

Not only that, but another new record,’ set as Yours,’ lasted 27 days at the top of Japanese Shazam. It debuted at number one on Japanese charts before its release and remained there for over a month. ‘Yours’ topped the charts again a few days ago, extending its record to 27 days. Furthermore, ‘Yours’ has been at the top of the Shazam Top 200 Film, TV, & Stage list for 69 days. In terms of other records, ‘Yours’ is the fastest Korean soloist song to hit number one on Japanese iTunes (2 hours) and stay there for 46 hours, creating a new record!

‘Yours’ is the first Korean solo song to debut at number one on the Billboard Download Song Chart Japan. It debuted at number one on the Daily Chart on the largest streaming platform Oricon, making it the first K-OST in history. As a result, ‘Yours’ has become the most successful Korean OST ever published in Japan. Congratulations to our World’s Wide Handsome Jin!

BTS Jin shows his popularity once more with the self-produced catchy song ‘Super Tuna,’ as well as the performance video, which was published on his birthday, December 4, and has taken over the world in just 5 days. The video topped the charts for four days in a row, dethroning Billie Eilish, Ed Sheeran, and others!

Jin’s ‘Super Tuna’ special performance video, which was uploaded on BTS’ official YouTube account on December 4th, topped 20 million views on YouTube, and as of December 10th. The song has also charted in the Billboard Hot 100’s Top 10 Hot Trending Songs, and the hashtag ‘Super Tuna’ has received 100 million views on TikTok.

“It’s a song I made for fun while fishing with a friend.” He also expressed his shy feelings about the unexpected popularity to the fan community on ‘Weverse’, “No, these people, don’t do this challenge I didn’t plan. I am so embarrased,” he said. 

Despite being a ‘goofy‘ and ‘embarrassing‘ song, as Jin himself stated, news and variety shows began playing portions of the song, indicating its popularity. The Korean Ministry of Fisheries has also joined the #SuperTuna contest. ‘Super Tuna’ is a song written and produced by Bumzu of PLEDIS Entertainment. Jin, who normally goes fishing with fellow BTS member SUGA, has always shown a penchant for hauling in large catches.


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