TXT Soobin Sheds Tears When He Sees A Fan Cry!

Soobin, the leader of TXT once again is seen trending on Twitter. During a fanlive, Soobin locked eyes with a fan and saw her cry. Looking at her cry he couldn’t hold himself back and was seen bawling along. When asked by fellow mates, he couldn’t hold it in and started thanking all his fans for their constant support.

The literal translation of the video:

Yeonjun: Why whyyy why!!! 

Soobin: I came out (to the extended stage) to sing.. and saw a moa crying 

Yeonjun: oh you met eyes with a moa who was crying?

Kai : aww did you?

Soobin: Thank you for coming to our fanlive, we’ll work hard in the future as well

Soobin has always been famous for being an empath who wears his emotions on his sleeves. All the International MOAs who couldn’t attend the fanlive started crying as well when they saw this snippet

MOA’s have been working hard to trend #투바투와_우리만의_별의노래_시작 #MOA_X_TOGETHER and #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER

We all wish for TXT to keep going forward and make MOAs proud! Thank you for everything TXT!


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