Seo Yea Ji was reported in a parking dispute with her neighbors!

As per allegations from a news organization on March 3, starlet Seo Ye Ji (31) is receiving backlash publicly as a result of a feud involving her parents’ neighbors.

An unidentified internet user purported to be neighbors with Seo Ye Ji’s parents and wrote a detailed article documenting various occurrences among them and Seo Ye Ji’s household previously this week.

As per the anonymous person on the internet, ‘A‘, “Seo Ye Ji’s parents placed dog gates around a stairwell used by all residents of the villa, making it difficult for others to use the stairs and this created conflict with the other neighbors. During this conflict, Seo Ye Ji’s father even pushed people threateningly.”

‘A’ then went on saying:

“Seo Ye Ji visited her parents’ home about three times a week, but each time, she parked her vehicle however she wanted in front of other peoples’ cars so that they could not get out. This continued for 4 years.”

“At first, when I asked if she was actress Seo Ye Ji, she said no. But a while later, she brought a lawyer. The lawyer listened to all of the conflicts that happened in the past 4-years and apologized for everything. But Seo Ye Ji did not seem like she meant the apology. She said that her parents would be moving out of the villa, and also asked me, ‘You’re not going to write about this online, are you?’.” 

Several parts of ‘A’s statements were real, according to a spokesperson from Seo Ye Ji’s company, Gold Medalist. As per a spokesperson for the company:

“The issue arose due to misunderstandings. Seo Ye Ji’s family apologized to all of the neighbors involved once they found out that there were complaints. Some time afterward, Seo Ye Ji’s family relocated. Whether or not someone’s apology seems genuine or not is up to interpretation. The matter has already been resolved.”

Furthermore, after a year away from acting, Seo Ye Ji is gearing up to come back with her upcoming tvN serial ‘Eve.’ Seo Ye Ji told a statement to the media apologizing for the turmoil surrounding her ex-boyfriend Kim Jung Hyun in wake of her comeback.

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