A Business Proposal Episode 1 & 2 Recap

  • AIR DAY : Monday & Tuesday
  • AIR TIME : 22:00 KST / 13:00 GMT


The Kdrama “A Business Proposal” is a romantic office-business drama, adapted from the web novel of the same name by Hae Hwa. 

The story revolves around a woman named Shin Ha Ri who works for a food company. She goes on a blind date instead of her friend Jin Young Seo who is a daughter of the Chaebol family. Her blind date turns out to be Kang Tae Mu, the CEO of the company she works for. She gave off a weird and dissing attitude to Tae Mu at the blind date hoping for the blind date to fail. But she is shocked after receiving a call from him asking her to marry him. 


Recap Of Episode 1

In the first episode, the story started with the introduction and character description of the Male Lead Kang Tae Mu played by Ahn Hyo Seop. His background as a rich grandson of the founder of GoFoods company was clearly shown to us. The female lead of the drama, Shin Ha Ri played by Kim Se Jeong is a competent employee of the same company. She has a crush on her close friend, Min Woo but she gets heart broken as she comes to a conclusion that he isn’t interested in her.

Shin Ha Ri’s close friend, Jin Young Seo is the daughter of a Chaebol family. As her family as well as Kang Tae Mu’s grandfather pressures them for a blind date, they get arranged for a blind date. Young Seo then sent Ha Ri to the blind date instead of her and tried to make it a failure. To Ha Ri’s surprise, it was her company’s CEO whose identity was not yet revealed to the people as he was abroad with business work. After hoping that the blind date fails, she goes to karaoke with Young Seo to celebrate but Young Seo receives a call from her dad saying that Kang Tae Mu wants to marry her. This gave a lot of tension to both the girls and they try to figure out what to do next. The next day, Ha Ri runs into Tae Mu at the company in an elevator and she converses hiding her face all the time. 

The next scene was the encounter of Jin Young Seo with Tae Mu’s secretary Cha Sung Hoon as they fall in love at first sight. Her kindness caught his heart whereas she fell for his looks. The first episode ends with a second date where Tae Mu and Ha Ri meet but Ha Ri tries to call off the wedding. 

Recap of Episode 2

In episode 2, the two girls get drunk and have a good time conversing with each other and come home and make a scene at Ha Ri’s house. This scene made the viewers laugh and made a good start of the episode. We then see that Kang Tae Mu is offended by the fact that Ha Ri called him an archaeopteryx. The scene shifts to her office coworker conversing about the CEO Kang Tae Mu and making assumptions and guesses about his looks and way of work. Ha Ri then goes to the cafeteria where she sees her coworker and her friend Min Woo together and she spies on them. While returning from the cafeteria she runs into Tae Mu. But trying to avoid him, she slips and falls down but one of her slippers flies off onto Tae Mu’s head. She ran off from there and Tae Mu chases her like a Tom & Jerry chase. This scene was really fun to watch. As he catches up to her in the elevator she apologizes without letting him give a glance on her face and goes towards her office.

By coincidence, Young Seo bumps into Tae Mu’s car and the secretary comes out. She gives him her card and because it showed her identity, Tae Mu realized that the Young Seo he met with on the dates was fake. He asked her to let him meet with Ha Ri and to let them talk this out. Cha Sung Hoon then gets disappointed and sad as he realized that she is the daughter of a chaebol family and is way out of her league. 

The next day, Young Seo brings out Shin Ha Ri without letting her know anything about meeting with Tae Mu and dolls her up. Tae Mu meets with Ha Ri and she apologizes to him for what she did. She then gives him a fake name so that he wont recognize her at the office. Tae Mu’s grandfather then makes him go on 10 blind dates in a single day as the marriage was called off. He then tells his grandfather that he has a gf and he asks to meet with her. Tae Mu calls Ha Ri to act again as his gf to convince his grandfather from making him go on blind dates. Tae Mu then tries to convince her to act with him and goes to meet her in the night at her house and gives her a contract of the relationship. As she tries to run back home, he runs behind her and stops her, asking her to agree to it as compensation for what she did.  While doing the same, Ha Ri’s brother comes back home and while making Tae Mu go home he falls down pulling Ha Ri onto him.

As most of the viewers expected, THEY KISSED! The episode ended on their kiss making the viewers all excited for the next episode. Are you excited too?


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