Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 6 Recap

  • AIR TIME : 21:10 (KST), 12:10 (GMT)


Twenty-five Twenty-One , an ongoing romance Kdrama , is a story of 2 youth who meet at the age of 22 and 18 while they work hard towards their goal after having their dreams torn apart who then meet and fall in love at the age of 25 and 21. This drama begins with the story about a girl named Kim Min Chae reading her mother’s diary.

Recap EP 5 : In the previous episode, we see Back Yi Jin and Na Hee Do supporting and caring for each other as both of them work hard for their goal. 


Recap Of Episode 6

The episode starts off with a radio talk where Yi Jin’s brother asks for advice whether he should apologise to his brother or not. And yes ofcourse he got the response that he should definitely apologize as soon as he can. The scene then shifts to a cyber cafe, where Yi Jin brings his mom with him and they chat with their father on the internet. Their care and love for each other has made the viewers speechless.

After leaving the cyber cafe, the Mother-son duo is shown walking around the shore of a beach where Back Yi Jin decides to go back to Seoul and start anew. He then sends a message to Hee Do congratulating her for winning her first bronze medal in the international level competition. 

Then the time skips to 5 month later where Back Yi Jin works as a rookie reporter at the news channel same as Hee Do’s Mother. A fun and hilarious scene was given to the viewers by the drama where Yi Jin tries to find a phone to report the news from, and ends up at a pet salon. 

We then saw that the coach was scolding Yu Rim for not performing well and defeating Hee Do as the coach has placed all his trust in Yu Rim. Yu Rim and Hee Do then argue about how and why she is not able to defeat her and end up fighting and pulling out each other’s hair. This scene was literally fun!

Yi Jin is now being called out to decide the news covering topic with his boss at a bar on a game of Rock Paper Scissors. He loses all of the rounds and they end up covering the news about fencing. 

Hee Do’s mom approaches the coach with a request for her to be the commentator of the fencing competition for their news channel but the coach then brings out the past case where she was caught taking bribes and the news was covered by Hee Do’s mom. Hee Do’s mom leaves her office asking her to consider the offer. 

At the streets where the labourers were protesting, Yi Jin went to assist a reporter and there, coincidentally, meets Hee Do. They finally unite! As they exchange words of greeting and comfort, Yi Jin joins Hee Do for lunch. To his as well as the viewers’ surprise, Hee Do has a Boyfriend, dating for 3 days. 

The next day, at the stadium, Yu Rim meets Yi Jin and is angry at him as she didn’t know he had returned and was shocked to see him there. He then apologises to her and takes her interview as he was made to cover the news about fencing.

Hee Do’s train gets delayed and Yi Jin rushes off to pick her up from the station and he takes her to the stadium through a route which was restricted due to the Asian games. She was then escorted by the police to the stadium and Yi Jin wished her best in the competition.

This scene was beautifully shot and how deep and close their bond is, was clearly seen.

PREVIEW EP 7: In the preview, we see that everyone is praying and rooting for Yu Rim and it shows that Hee Do couldn’t defeat Yu Rim in the finals. What’s next? What will happen to their rivalry story and how is Hee Do’s and Yi Jin’s relation going to develop?


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