Twenty-five Twenty-One Episode 5 Recap

  • AIR TIME : 21:10 (KST), 12:10 (GMT)


Twenty-five Twenty-One , an ongoing romance Kdrama , is a story of 2 youth who meet at the age of 22 and 18 while they work hard towards their goal after having their dreams torn apart who then meet and fall in love at the age of 25 and 21. This drama begins with the story about a girl named Kim Min Chae reading her mother’s diary.

Recap episode 4: In the previous episode, we see Yi Jin and Na Hee Do sparing with each other and have a deep and consoling conversation. 


Recap Of Episode 5

At the start of the episode, Hee Do gives a fencing sword that he used as a keepsake to Yi Jin. We see Na Hee Do’s mom nagging her because she was seen hanging out with Yi Jin as he had walked her home after her practices. The scene then shifts to the present time where Na Hee Do daughter Kim Min Chae realises that her mom wasn’t born as a classy woman or high class family but achieved it by her own hard work and that her mom didn’t get the support for her interests as she does. 

As Na Hee Do went for her tryouts, she then won all her matches and secured a place in the national team. It was then shown that at about the same time, Yi Jin’s brother was pestered and troubled by the loan givers as his dad had to give them money. So Yi Jin rushes over to his brother and next what we saw was that he had moved out and quit his job. Hee Do, Yu Rim and their friends are panicked and anxious about his whereabouts and search for him all day. And when she returned home, Yi Jin and his brother went to his mom’s and uncle’s place to stay with them till the problems they were facing had calmed. 

This actually made the viewers a little disappointed as we won’t be getting much of Hee Do’s and Yi Jin’s screen time together. 

We see that Hee Do goes to her school’s broadcasting club and borrows all Yi Jin’s old recordings to hear them as she says, “To listen to them at NTC when things get hard. I’ll need his support.”  Hee Do’s mother then takes her to get her photo taken as her mother nagged her about the picture she had submitted at the centre. Na Hee Do joins the team at the training centre and got Yu Rim as her roommate. 

This is definitely going to increase and build up their rivalry in the upcoming episodes.

There was a cute scene of Yu Rim and Ji Woong sharing their small secrets to each other. We can see that their relationship is getting deeper and stronger and can definitely expect a lot of their screen time together in the coming episodes.

The story then has a time skip to the time after 3 months where we see Na Hee Do training hard to improve her skills and Yi Jin at his uncle’s place working at a fish market. While working, his younger brother comes to the fish market streets with his friends and as Yi Jin calls him out, he ignores him. This made Yi Jin sad and he feels hurt as his brother then at home yells at Yi Jin as he isn’t a cool brother who rides a sports car and goes to SNU anymore and he is afraid that his friends would treat him bad as his former schoolmates did.  But what keeps him going through the sadness is Hee Do’s voice messages to Yi Jin on his pager everyday as she wants to support him during his hard times. He replies to this message that he would be back before the Full House volume 15 comes out. 

This has definitely made all the viewers happy about him returning to her side, and everyone wishes for a happy time for them! 


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