Forecasting Love and Weather Episode 5 Recap

  • AIR TIME : 22:30 (KST), 13:30 (GMT)


Forecasting Love and Weather is the story about love and work of the people who work at KOREA METEOROLOGICAL ADMINISTRATION, Korea’s national weather forecast service. This is a Romance Drama starring Song Kang and Park Min Young as the main leads. 

Previous ep recap : In the previous episode, we were shown that Lee Si Woo and Jin Ha Kyung have started dating and kept it a secret from the world. Also Han Ki Joon ( Ha Kyung’s ex fiance) and Chae Yu Jin (Lee Si Woo’s Ex girlfriend) who are married, are now facing issues about each other’s past relationship and facing each other’s exes at their work as they all work at the same place.


Recap Of Episode 5

The episode starts with Ha Kyung and Si Woo getting late for their work after having a good time together and they rush to the office. On their way as Ha Kyung tries to get off the car before reaching the office, they are seen together by their co-worker in the car together. At the office, she tries to not to make it obvious about their relationship to that coworker but she gets flustered and talks to the coworker but he finds it weird.

At the office, due to an unusual rain, they face some issues there and as usual, Si Woo uses his observation and comes to a conclusion on some issues.As a result, Ha Kyung, the team leader, orders for a 10 year data analysis and at the same time, a live monitoring of the weather graph which makes them work harder and over time. In the next scene, Si Woo is seen talking with Yu Jin as she says that a certain ‘he’ called her and complains to him about the same. Ki Joon then enters their conversation and rants about some office issues to Si Woo while he with his witty brains  rants back at him making Ki Joon speechless.

In the next scene, the viewers are gifted with some cute loving scenes of Ha Kyung and Si Woo in the office in secret. On the other hand, Han Ki Joon and Chae Yu Jin are still arguing about the time when Si Woo was talking to Yu Jin.

While working together on analysis and observation, a Co worker misses a crucial observation While monitoring and results in the administration not giving a forecast and then resulting in casualties and damages to a lot of workers and companies. This disrupts the whole mood and makes everyone troubled. 

The episode comes to an end as Ha Kyung and her assistant director Um Dong Han go for drinks after they went to the area where the water flooded and resulted in 2 men going missing. At the same time, Si Woo is shown taking some money and going to give it to someone in a motel. Ha Kyung then tries to drop Dong Han at his home, but he replies that he has left his house and he doesn’t have a home. So Ha Kyung then tries to leave Dong Han at a motel, coincidently, at the same motel Si Woo is. As Si Woo leaves the motel, he sees Ha Kyung entering the motel with Dong Han and they both stand speechless looking at each other surprisingly. 

Damnnnn. Whatta heated scene! It gave rise to so many misunderstandings between them, I’m sure! Let’s see what’s next in the upcoming episodes.

Ep 6 preview : In the upcoming episode, a new man comes up and tries to meet Ha Kyung and then is seen that Si Woo grabs him by his collar and yells at him because he tried to meet Ha Kyung. Ha Kyung’s mother is then shown in an ambulance and Si Woo comes running towards Ha Kyung saying that her sister called and her mother is in serious condition. We also see that Ha Kyung tells Si Woo that she wants to reconsider their relationship. 


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