Why Jin From BTS Is Called “Worldwide Handsome”?


Kim Seokjin, better known as Jin, is a South Korean singer and composer who is a member of the famous South Korean boy band BTS since June 2013. Jin co-wrote and released three solo singles with BTS: “Awake” (2016), “Epiphany” (2018), and “Moon” (2020), all of which debuted on South Korea’s Gaon Digital Chart. In 2019, the worldwide handsome released his first independent song, “Tonight,” as a digital single. He also participated in the 2016 original soundtrack for Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth, with BTS member Kim Taehyung.

Big Hit Entertainment scouted Jin as he was walking along the street because of his good looks. Jin was studying acting at the time and had no musical experience. He was given the nickname “Worldwide Handsome” because of his distinctive and angle-like appearance. So let’s find out how he came up with this title.


Jin, a member of BTS, has disclosed the origins of his title “worldwide handsome” and how it came about. On December 10, Jin described himself as “worldwide handsome” at a press conference for the “2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III: The Wings Tour The Final” event. When a fan greeted BTS member Jin with his popular name, “Worldwide Handsome,” at an amusement park, he was taken aback.


The BTS singer was out on his own in Los Angeles when he ran across a fan in a park. Jin had written about the incident in a Weverse post.

“I was having fun at the theme park today when an ARMY approached me, but they didn’t question me, ‘Are you Jin?'” Jin explained. “When they asked me, ‘Are you WWH?’ (short for Worldwide Handsome), I was taken aback.”


Jin is trending on Twitter today, with hundreds and thousands of ARMIES voting for him to be named the winner of TC Candler’s Top 100 Handsome Faces of 2022. Since 1990, TC Candler has published an annual list of the 100 most beautiful and handsome faces. Unlike previous such annual publications, the list is multinational and includes people from a wide range of cultures, lives, occupations, and levels of celebrity.
Usually, months before the list is released (around December), they publish these “nomination videos,” in which a large number of K-Pop fans (mostly ARMYs) massively spam the votes with phrases like


“I nominate idol name from the group as the most gorgeous face.”


Let’s hope for the best and let the Worldwide Handsome win.
Armies do what you are best at. All the very best to Jin and Armies!!!


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