Is Hu Tao A Better Main DPS or Sub DPS?

Hutao is an A grade, limited time five star Pyro Polearm character on Genshin Impact. She first came out as a playable character on the 2nd of March and had her rerun in patch 2.5. She is one of the characters who is supposedly broken, however, a question has always been present. Is Hu tao a better Main DPS or Sub DPS? 

Hu Tao is the 77th Director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor in Liyue and a Pyro Polearm user. As a prankster, she is disliked by the other Genshin Impact personalities.

This will not detract from her status as a top-tier character and is one of the finest DPS in the play.

Hu Tao focuses on the individual battle, with both the potential to protect herself and enhance her own harm when her health drops below 50%.

Equipping her with a complete set of Crimson Witch of Flames that focuses on HP%, Pyro DMG, and CRIT Rate is probably the best artifact built for her. Also pairing her with Bennet as Sub DPS can be the best call.

However, she works pretty well as a Sub-DPS as well. Especially if you have a Hydro or a Cryo Main DPS. A set of 2 Witch and 2 Noblesse will give her big burst damage. 

After stating the above points, we can safely say that it’s on the user regarding he/she/they want to use her. However, what do you guys think? Which role suits her better?


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