Wonho Wants To Collaborate With Ateez?

Wonho says he wants to collaborate with K-pop group Ateez in his recent interview with J-14 Magazine. J-14 Magazine interviewed Wonho for his first single album ‘Obsession‘ which was released on Wednesday, Feb 16.

Wonho a.k.a Lee Ho Seok is a Korean Idol. He is famously known for being a former member of a famous boy group ‘Monsta X‘. Wonho made his solo comeback after the drug scandal in which he wasn’t involved. Ateez is an 8 member Korean Pop group under KQ Entertainment. Jongho one of the Ateez member has been friends with Wonho for a long time. Wonho even gave his signed album to Jongho as a gift.

Wonho started trending on Twitter after his interview with J-14 Magazine. The interviewer asked many questions about his music, inspirations and fans. The question which made fans go crazy was “What k-pop group do you dream of collaborating with one day?” For which he replied:

I Don’t have a plan yet.. But… Ateez?

Wonho has talked about Ateez ever since they debuted. While back when he was live on V App, Weene (Fandom name) asked Wonho if he saw Ateez’s performance. He replied:

“They’re cool, I’ve been cheering for them since their debut, they’re good”
“I always really look forward to ATEEZ’s next song”

Here’s what fans think of Wonho and Ateez’s collaboration:


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