Grid Episode 2 Recap

The Drama grid revolves around the story of 3 people who go after a ghost for different causes. The mysterious ghost had actually saved the world and then disappeared and after 24 years appears again and helps a serial killer to escape. This sci-fi – thriller drama has kept everyone excited as the whole concept of the storyline is fascinating and brand new.

What exactly is the meaning of grid said in this drama? It is said that it is a shield created with artificially expanded magnetic fields to protect mankind from solar wind.


  • AIR TIME : 12.00 am (KST), 3.00 pm (GMT)
  • AIR DAY : Wednesday
  • AIRING CHANNEL : Disney+

In the pilot episode, the episode was about the introduction and brief of the GRID and the appearance of the serial killer. The male lead of this drama is Seo Kang Joon playing the role of Kim Sae Ha. We see his first appearance in the drama as he reports a murder that happens in a general store while he’s at the location. We also see Kim Ah Jeong as Jung Sae Byeok as a police officer who chases the serial killer.

This serial killer then escapes with the help of a mysterious woman who then disappeared into thin air right in front of Sae Byeok.


Recap Of Episode 2

This article contains spoilers for ep 2 of the kdrama ‘GRID’. Read at your own risk.

In the second episode, we see that Sae Byeok gave the hair strand of the mysterious woman to NFS for analysis and was confused after hearing the result. At the same time, the administration bureau takes over the murder case as they have been trying to find this mysterious woman since many years. 

Next we see is where the murderer steals money from a worker’s pocket. But here we see a glitch and after the glitch occurs, we see that the money was at its place. The mysterious woman then appears in front of the murder bu which he gets terried as he had seen her vanish before while escaping. 

We also see that the team from the administration bureau have a conversation about their hardwork and result in finally finding the woman after 25 years. 

In the next scene, Sae Ha goes to the previous hideout of the murderer to find any type of clues or evidence. He there encounters Sae Byeok but mistakes her as the mysterious woman and tries to fight her. He then tells her

“This is easy for you, isn’t it? Because you can just disappear. Like you did before.”

He then realises its not her but the officer and apologizes to her. They then together try to collect evidences from the place. 

The next scene shows that, this mysterious woman eats alot of deserts alone at a cafe and at that time an assembly man tries to take bribe. And another glitch occurs and what we next see is the money is with the mysterious woman.

The next scene is where we see that the team from administration bureau gets transfered to another group and the other members are agitated by the fact that after all this hardwork they don’t get the chance to work on the case anymore. This episode then ended with Sae Ha getting caught in the team heads office collecting evidence (fingerprints) and both glare at each other. 

This drama definitely has vibe unlike any other kdramas as the story is on a whole different style. It has kept the viewers so excited for the coming episodes and the viewers are expecting a lot from the drama’s upcoming episodes. 


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