Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 4 Recap

Twenty-five Twenty-One, an ongoing romance Kdrama, is a story of 2 youth who meet at the age of 22 and 18 while they work hard towards their goal after having their dreams torn apart who then meet and fall in love at the age of 25 and 21. This drama begins with the story of a girl named Kim Min Chae reading her mother’s diary.

Recap of Episode 3:
In the previous episode, Na Hee Do (Kim Tae Ri) and Go Yu Rim’s rivalry became more personal and intense. The bond between Na Hee Do and Back Yi Jin (Nam Joo Hyeok) deepens and has become more emotional. It was also revealed that Na Hee Do’s online friend is Go Yu Rim.

This has increased viewers’ anticipation of the rivalry and how the two’s relationship will develop.


In this episode, Na Hee Do requests that Moon Ji Woong teach her dance as she attempts to learn a choreography assigned to her by her Coach. In exchange, Ji Woong requests that juice be placed in Go Yu Rim’s locker daily.

Next, Back Yi Jin goes to his aunt’s house, where his younger brother is staying and learns that his car was not auctioned off, but was instead transferred to his aunt’s name by his father before they went bankrupt.

Back Yi Jin goes for an interview and fails. At the same location, he meets his father’s acquaintance and is handed a check. This incident crushes his pride. Then, Yi Jin is shown drunk and sitting in front of his door, where Na Hee Do enters. They have a pleasant conversation during which Back Yi Jin falls asleep in front of the door and Na Hee Do wraps a blanket around him and hangs a placard that says “FAILED AT AN INTERVIEW TODAY. DO NOT DISTURB”. This then informs the entire society that he failed the interview. He is irritated by Hee Do’s actions.

The following scene reveals that Go Yu Rim and Ji Woong’s relationship has grown well. At the same time, Hee Do is shown being chased by the group of thugs who was once attacked by Hee Do during her trial of getting arrested (shown in ep 1). While being pursued, she enters Yi Jin’s car and drives past the thugs. Yi Jin nags Hee Do in the car about the grammatical errors she made in the comic book and on the placard. It then begins to rain, and they enjoy their ride in the rain. We are also shown some cute scenes where Go Yu Rim and Ji Woong run in the rain. These two scenes increased the thrill and excitement for the upcoming romance in the drama between the Main Leads and the Second Leads.

Hee Do is shown training with her coach and sparring with her as part of a training session before her National Selection tryouts. Yi Jin then arrives at Hee Do’s gym and tells her that he is happy to see her the way she is now and encourages her to do her best in life. They then spar with each other, and it appears that Hee Do is falling for Yi Jin. This scene gave us butterflies and made us fall in love with Nam Do Hyeok.


The way these scenes were shot was incredible, and it stayed with us in our minds and hearts. In comparison to the other three episodes, this one had a much better story development for the main characters. Certainly, everyone is looking forward to the upcoming storyline and how it will impact their lives three years later.

Episode 5 Sneak Peek:

In the ep 5 preview, Hee Do is seen borrowing some of Yi Jin’s old recordings from her school’s broadcasting club. We also see Yi Jin running to Hee Do’s tryouts and trying to tell her to wait for him in the preview. Hee Do is also determined not to lose any of the matches on that day.


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