Jungkook And Suga’s ‘STAY ALIVE’ Is The 1st Korean OST To Enter UK’s Singles Chart

BTS Jungkook’s ‘Stay Alive’ made a new milestone as the first and only Korean OST to debut on the UK’s official singles chart. From February 18 to 22, ‘Stay Alive,’ sung by Jungkook and produced by Suga, charted at 89th on the UK Official Singles Top 100 Chart.

The official single Top 100 Chart represents both streaming and download performance, and ‘Stay Alive’ sets a new record as the first and only Korean OST to enter the chart, while Jungkook adequately marks the strength of the super-powerful music king. Furthermore, from February 18 to 22, ‘Stay Alive’ was rated fifth in the UK Official Single Sales Top 100 Chart and fifth in the Single Download Top 100 Chart.

Previously, on February 15th, ‘Stay Alive’ was rated 13th on the UK’s Official Trending Top 20 Chart. Furthermore, it debuted at No. 47 in the UK Official Singles Update Top 100 list from February 14 to February 20. With ‘Stay Alive,’ Jungkook also established a record for entering the ‘best’ position as a Korean soloist on the official trending song list, continuing his dominance in the UK’s representative music charts.

“Stay Alive,” on the other hand, topped the iTunes Top Song lists in 104 countries and remained at the top of the iTunes Worldwide Song Chart for 5 consecutive days, a first for a K-pop idol. As a soloist, he reached the 13th spot in the ‘best’ rating and topped the Spotify Global Top Song Debut Chart (February 11-13). The OST set a new record in its first week of release, with 24.8 million streams.


Congratulations to our Golden Maknae and the Armies!!!


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