‘From Now On Showtime!’ Teaser

From Now On, Showtime! is a fantasy rom-com drama about Cha Cha Woong (Park Hae Jin), a prominent magician who can see ghosts, and Go Seul Hae, a passionate police officer with supernatural abilities (Jin Ki Joo). Jung Joon Ho, Kim Hee Jae, Jung Suk Yong, Go Kyu Pil, Park Seo Yeon, Kim Won Hae, Lee Eun Gyul, Kim Jong Hoon, Cha Mi Kyung, and others round out the cast.

During the reading, the performers did their best to imitate the magical components of the drama, with Park Hae Jin playing magician Cha Cha Woong and Jin Ki Joo playing Go Seul Hae, a police officer with superpowers. In his portrayal of General Choi Gum, Jung Joon Ho displayed his usual humorous acting.

Park Hae Jin and Jin Ki Joo were able to express their characters’ beautiful love lines right away, while Park Hae Jin and Jung Joon Ho’s quarrel had the rest of the group in giggles.

The Teaser Concludes With A Preview Of The Drama

The teaser begins with Go Seul Hae yelling, “What is all this?!” Cha Cha Woong says quietly, “Ghosts.” Their odd romance begins there, with Go Seul Hae attempting to uphold justice and Cha Cha Woong attempting to uphold his company.

The teaser, however, takes a dark turn as the two become entangled in a slew of crimes and unexplained situations. “I’m sorry” Go Seul Hae confesses while weeping. I couldn’t apprehend a criminal who was right in front of me because I lacked the necessary skills. Cha Cha Woong adds, “From now on, it’s showtime”.

Cha Cha Woong later defines his slogan as “short, thick, and easy!” “That implies I have to significantly boost my likeability,” he says. As Cha Cha Woong and Go Seul Hae begin to collaborate, he declares, “I certainly, no matter what, have to work with Go Seul Hae.”

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