Fans of Tokyo Ghoul want an anime relaunch from Mappa or Ufotable!

Many people have lately been won over by the astounding animation of Demon Slayer and Attack on Titan. Given the high performance of the industry, Tokyo Ghoul has lately trended on Twitter, with fans expressing their eagerness for an anime remake.

A good anime alteration can also drastically affect a series. Even though the tale of the manga is important, the final outcome is measured by the characteristics of the motion graphics. The manga Tokyo Ghoul is well renowned in the Otaku general public as one of the best manga series that did not receive the anime alteration it rightfully deserves.

A few Tokyo Ghoul fans have also already petitioned Mappa to resurrect Tokyo Ghoul.

“As we all know the Tokyo ghoul manga is great, one of the best of all time but the anime wasn’t as good. I hope that we can ask Mappa to reanimate this great story and keep it to the original material.“

Studio Ufotable has received a lot of appreciation for the Demon Slayer visual effects, and Mappa studio is currently the most popular anime studio, recognised for Jujutsu Kaisen, the season finale of Attack on Titan, as well as the upcoming Chainsaw Man. Fans of Tokyo Ghoul went on Twitter to mandate an anime reboot from Mappa or Ufotable.

Here are some of the tweets that are trending: 

What are your views on this? We hope the need of these fans is satisfied!


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