Huening Kai covers ‘Sk8er Boi’ by Avril Lavigne

On February 19, Huening Kai, the youngest member of TOMORROW X TOGETHER, released his version of Avril Lavigne’s ‘Sk8ter Boi’. A person’s feet riding a skateboard may be seen in the video. The incredibly famous rhythms of ‘Sk8er Boi’ can be heard with the crack of a drum, and shortly, the voice of HueningKai can be heard. With his raspy voice shouting out the song’s iconic lyrics, the audience is brought back to when the song was initially released and everyone grooved to the catchy rhythms.

HueningKai uploaded a photo with MOAs on Twitter a day before the cover was released, marking it with the song’s iconic words, ‘He was a skater boy’. Soon after, the Canadian singer-songwriter spotted the request from MOAs and responded with three ‘rock on’ emojis. Take a look at the adorable interaction below.

The song was released in 2002, which also happened to be Huening Kai’s birth year. He previously covered the band 5SOS’s ‘Youngblood,’ and got praised for it.

Check out the cover, which demonstrates his passion for broadening his interests and skillset across other genres:


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