Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Diagnosed With COVID-19

Super Junior’s Maknae Kyuhyun has tested positive for COVID-19. Super Junior’s company, SJ Lable, has announced that Kyuhyun has been diagnosed with COVID-19 this morning. On November 17th, Kyuhyun underwent the PCR test after testing positive on an antigen test conducted before his musical “Frankenstein“. Kyuhyun did not participate in the musical and was replaced by actor Jeon Dong Suk

SJ Lable announced that Kyuhyun had taken his booster shot recently and is having mild COVID-19 symptoms. He has cancelled all of his schedules and has gone into self-isolation. All the other Super Junior members and staff who had contact with Kyuhyun took the test and the result came out negative. 

Kyuhyun might have seen the musical Frankenstein Day at the Bluesquare Theater today if he hadn’t tested positive for COVID-19. Kyuhyun from Super Junior and Leo from VIXX might have continued their musical, with Leo from VIXX playing Henry Dupre and Victor Frankenstein’s creature, and Kyuhyun playing Frankenstein himself!

For the time being, all we can do is wish Kyuhyun the best of health!


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