(G)IDLE Miyeon tests Postitive For COVID-19

(G)I-DLE is famous Korean Girl Group currrently cosisting of four members, Soyeon, Miyeon, Minnie, Yuqi, and Shuhua from Cube Entertainment. Soojin left the group on August 14, 2021. (G)I-DLE made their debut on May 2nd, 2018. On February 17, Cube Entertainment issued an official statement stating that Miyeon will not be participating in “M Countdown” after testing positive with a self-testing kit and that she was waiting for the results of her PCR test.

Cube Entertainment issued the following statement the next day, on February 18.


This is Cube Entertainment.

(G)I-DLE member Miyeon tested positive for COVID-19 today (February 18).

On February 17, Miyeon initially tested positive through a self-testing kit.

Afterwards, she visited a walk-in screening station and carried out a PCR test, and she ultimately received a positive test result today (Friday 18). Previously, Miyeon completed the second dose of her COVID-19 vaccine, and she has currently halted all activities and is taking the necessary measures in keeping with the guidelines set by government health authorities. Our agency will continue to follow the government health authorities’ prevention guidelines, and we will do our best for the artist’s health and safety.


We wish Miyeon a speedy recovery!!


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