Fruit’s Basket: Prelude- movie’s theme song released!

The soundtrack Niji to Kite (Rainbow and Kite) by Ohashi Trio has been featured in a special video for the Fruits Basket -prelude- film. On February 18, 2022, the film premiered in Japanese theatres.

Fruits Basket, a 63-episode anime that premiered over three seasons from 2019 to 2021, had been a rigorous and steadfast modification of Natsuki Takaya’s manga (in contrast to the 2001 anime). Even truthful adjustments have to leave something out, and the origin story of Tohru Honda’s parents, Kyoko and Katsuya, was the most excellent of the manga that did not even make it into the TV series.

Luckily for those that have hoped to see the Hondas’ romantic drama brought to life, Fruits Basket: Prelude will fill in the blanks. Here’s what we know about the latest movie thus far.

Fruits Basket: Prelude isn’t completely new content; most of the film is a quick summary of the TV show. The Tale of Kyoko and Katsuya, the film’s short time, is a throwback to the story line, detailing how Tohru’s parents met and fell in love.

Below is the amazing soundtrack with the special video:

Fruits Basket Prelude Theme Song

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