Hello ARMYS, our dear Golden Hyung has turned 28! As J-Hope grows riper with perfection, here’s a peek at how BTS ARMYs are celebrating in countries such as India, Ukraine, Korea, the United States, and Mexico.

J-Hope, a member of BTS, is celebrating his birthday today. Though there are restrictions due to the ongoing pandemic, our ray of sunshine has made sure that he interacts with all the ARMYs and celebrates his growth with us! He hosted a V Live with ARMYs. Though it was 12 am in South Korea, that is way past their bedtime, he did not show any fatigue on his face. In return, he washed away all the fatigue of his fans with his million-dollar smile!

J-Hope can dance like a dream, has sensual rap flows, and a superstar’s charisma. He is quite popular in the United States. Hobi and BTS fans all around the world are celebrating his birthday. He is expected to release Hope World 2 in the near future, and we can’t keep our excitement in! ARMYs are anticipating the announcement of a World Tour and a new album release. 

Here’s how the BTS ARMYs from across the world is celebrating his birthday. Fans are showing him how much they care by donating money in his name, creating original pieces of art, assembling billboards, and sculpting ice sculptures in his honour.

Hope Day is a big deal, with homages from Kyrgyzstan to Seoul, China, and New York, as well as campaign contributions to organizations that support impoverished kids, the surroundings, and abused animals.

J-Hope is currently in his hometown Gwangju. He has also visited few of the birthday projects for him. There are also some online events that ARMYs are working on, such has everyone changing their profile pictures to Jhope’s and putting up his username ‘uarmyhope’ as their bio. We can’t wait to see what else ARMYs have in store to make their angel’s day better!


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