A.C.E Member Byeongkwan is to enlist in the military this April.

Beat Interactive stated on February 18 that A.C.E member Byeongkwan would commence his required military duty in April.

A.C.E member Kim Byeongkwan will begin his mandatory military service duties beginning on Monday, April 11, after passing the examination process to serve in the KATUSA: Korean Augmentation to the United States Army. He will be carrying out his service for approximately a year and a half, Beat Interactive stated in an update posted on A.C.E’s official fan cafe. Because Byeongkwan intends to enlist discreetly, the actual time and place of his enlistment will be kept confidential, and admirers will not be able to attend the spot.

This decision was made for everyone’s health and safety, so we appreciate your cooperation. This decision was made for everyone’s health and safety, so we appreciate your cooperation. We also want supporters to send us their heartfelt love and encouragement till Byeongkwan returns safely after finishing his necessary military duty. Thank you very much.

” Meanwhile, A.C.E’s Byeongkwan has become just the second K-Pop idol to serve as a member of the KATUSA during his required military duty. Candidates must exhibit English proficiency to pass the KATUSA examination, as KATUSA soldiers work closely with the US Army post in Korea. A.C.E. members Donghun, Wow, and Jun are now serving their required military duty. Byeongkwan will become the fourth member of his group to join in April.

We wish Byeongkwan all the very best!! Choice (fandom name) will be waiting for your return.


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