(G)I-DLE is prepping for their comeback in March as a five member group

According to media sources, the Korean girl group is now preparing for the release of a new album in March. Following the departure of Soojin from the group in August, this will be the group’s first release as a five member group.

“(G)I-DLE is prepping for their comeback in March,” Cube Entertainment told Newsen on February 17. We beg for your consideration and affection.” After a year and two months after the fourth mini album, ‘I burn,’ was published in January of last year, this will be the latest album. (G)I-DLE, originally debuted in May 2018 as a six-member group, was reformed into a five-member group when Soojin quit in August of last year. During their break as a collective, (G)I-DLE members continued their varied individual projects. The new song that (G)I-DLE, who has been reformed into a five-member group, will be able to hear is much anticipated.


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