Stray Kids surprised Stays with a new Teaser trailer for their upcoming album ODDINARY!

Stray Kids wrapped off their second fanmeet on February 13 and then shocked fans with an unexpected comeback the next day. The group published a trailer for ODDINARY, which delves deeper into the cosmos built by past album releases.

The teaser provides a whole fresh, never-before-seen glimpse at the members and confirms the March release date. STAYs with keen eyes have already begun putting together the riddle, as well as Hyunjin’s red hair and the missing poster of I.N, among other minor elements in the trailer. Stray Kids, a well-known fourth-generation boy band, has made yet another statement. The self-produced ensemble announced their return with the album ODDINARY this time. The trailer for the release depicts an overall hero, evil-clone, journeying to another realm theme. The ODDINARY trailer begins with Felix in a new hairstyle with a determined look, fiddling with an unlocked lock and travelling in the opposite direction as the rest of the people, unnoticed.

The movie changes to a crimson tone, and the remaining members are presented with diabolical smiles. Felix is depicted stumbling and becoming terrified as he attempts to comprehend his surroundings. Since the release of the trailer for ODDINARY, fans have speculated on how the video fits into the larger story that Stray Kids has been developing. One of them is the notion of the evil clone. Missing posters of I.N and Lee Know may be seen in the trailer, but the two members are also depicted with more serious and sinister attitudes.


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