Genshin Impact’s miHoYo Rebrands

MiHoYo, the developer and publishing house of Genshin Impact, has revealed that it will rename itself worldwide to represent its prevailing plans for expansion.

MiHoYo, the designer and originator of the enormously multiplayer online game Genshin Impact, is the latest company to rename in response to the growing “-verse” trend. Whilst also miHoYo rose to global fame with Honkai Impact 3rd, a web execution RPG first launched on mobile in 2016, the industry’s fame and fortune skyrocketed with the update of Genshin Impact in 2020. It was so fruitful that Genshin Impact outperformed Fortnite as well as GTA 5 in its first year.

MiHoYo, a Genshin Impact design firm, has changed its name to HoYoverse (via Kotaku). The corporation, like others before this all, mentions the reason for the difference as it intends to increase its investments of content further than just the most online games. Beyond the games, HoYoverse is branching out into research and technology, simulated characters, anime, graphic novels, light novels, songwriting, and much more. It also intends to expand into new technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud technology, and pipeline projects. HoYoverse intends to accomplish this by opening companies around the globe, such as in Montreal, Los Angeles, Singapore, Tokyo, and Seoul.

The HoYoverse declaration came days prior to Genshin Impact’s 2.5 upgrade, which will eventually include Yae Miko as a featured player on February 16, 2022. It’s difficult to not conclude that Genshin Impact’s phenomenal success aided HoYoverse in becoming what it really is presently and enabling this latest development. While the transformation is unlikely to have a significant effect on Genshin Impact’s gameplay, it’ll be intriguing to see how the company’s advancement will permit it to enhance Genshin Impact as well as its other video game blockbusters, such as Tears of Themis, with extra content.


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