BLACKPINK Lisa’s ‘LALISA’ album becomes the first female soloist to sell over 800,000 copies on Hanteo

BLACKPINK Lisa’s first album “LALISA,” which was released on September 10, 2021, set various milestones in terms of Billboard appearances and album sales on the Gaon and Hanteo charts. And, most recently, the single album hit a new milestone with an astounding total number of sales.

On February 14, “LALISA” sold 800,000 copies on Hanteo. There have been no other female solo albums to hit the mark in prior years, therefore Lisa’s “LALISA” is the first album by a female K-pop soloist in Hanteo history to sell 800,000 copies. Aside from that, “LALISA” has broken the record for the fastest album release by a female artist. The two-track single album broke the record of 16 months set by BLACKPINK’s “THE ALBUM” in only five months. BLACKPINK has sold over 800,000 copies to far. Lisa’s “LALISA” album is now the best-selling album by a female K-pop solo artist on Hanteo. It is also the album by a female performer with the second-highest sales on the platform, trailing only “THE ALBUM.”

Lisa has now joined her girl group BLACKPINK as the only female acts in history to sell 800,000 units on the Hanteo Chart. Six days after its release, Lisa’s “LALISA” became the best-selling album by a female K-pop soloist in Hanteo history. From the first to the sixth day, the record sold over 500,000 copies. With over 7.36 million copies sold in first week, lisa’s album became the fastest-selling album by a female soloist in the Hanteo history.

BLACKPINK Lisa, congratulations on your most recent historic success on Hanteo!


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