Nano Machine Chapter 91 written update

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Nano Machine is back with its new chapter! The manhwa follows the story of Cheon Yeo-Woon who is an outcast from the Demonic Cult. He receives an unexpected visit from his bloodline from the future, who installed a ‘nano machine’ into Cheon Yeo-Woon’s body. This radically changes Cheon Yeo-Woon’s life once it is activated. Here begins Cheon Yeo Woon’s voyage of becoming the finest martial artist!

Chapter 91 of Nano Machine released yesterday. This chapter marks the beginning of episode 46 entitled: ‘Inside the Jaws of a Snake’.

In the last chapter, we saw Yeo-Woon declaring to his clan members on how he is planning to leave the Demonic academy to build his own clan officially and start his journey of bringing down the 6 main clans. In this chapter, we see that before starting his journey, he decides to bring guard Jang, who has always been a father figure for him, along on his journey. Once he reaches his old mansion, he realizes that he cannot sense his presence. While examining the area, he comes to the conclusion that it has been 3-4 days since he had disappeared. Due to lack of any traces of fight Yeo-Woon faces the dilemma of not reaching to any conclusion.

Just then, his followers give him a suggestion. Next we see that it is Lady Mo that has kidnapped guard Jang and is torturing him to confess whether the sect leader had secretly taught martial arts to Yeo-Woon or no. While she was torturing him, a guard comes in the dungeon and informed her that Yeo-Woon had finally quit the Demon Academy. She is overjoyed to learn this. Yeo-Woon, Mun Ku and Hu Bong wait in a restaurant for the kidnapper to contact them. While waiting, Yeo-Woon is contacted via telepathy. With the help of Nano, he finds the location of that person and threatens to tell him who his employer is.

Who is that mysterious man? Was he sent by Lady Mo? Or was he someone sent from another clan? Who is the snake? Stay tuned with us for written updates!


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